Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Watercolor by Elko, NV artist, Sam Brown

Fiddlin' Pete
written by Dan Connor 2008

They say a man's doin' good if he's good at one thing
One good thing can give a lifetime of service
But if a man does everything well, and nothin' goes to Hell
That man makes everybody nervous.

And Fiddlin' Pete plays music on the fiddle
And like everything else he does he does it big, not little
He's a man of many hats,
If talent was weight he'd be so fat
It'd take a week to see all of Fiddlin' Pete

Pete got his name back in old St. Paul
Maybe then it was easy to choose one
But if quality workmanship can make a nickname stick
There's no end now of what we got to choose from.

I'm talkin' shinglin' Pete, table top Pete, cabernet Pete too
There's dog cart Pete, course bean fart Pete don't stink like me and you
Song writin' Pete, Bar BQ Pete, there's Catfish Pete in the cat bird seat
Orchestra Pete, architect Pete, it's a miracle Pete finds time to sleep
There's gardenin' Pete, manure Pete, they know that Pete on Willow Street
Plumin' Pete, strummin' Pete and 27 other Petes doin' somethin' better than you

And Fiddlin' Pete plays music on the fiddle
He does it well like he does everything else
from the greenhouse to the griddle
He gets more done in a day
Then ten men on plumbers pay do in a week
Fiddlin' Pete

Hey if it's OK, I got one more thing to say
30 years of knowin' Pete recommends it
The one thing Pete does best, that stands above the rest
Is his kind and generous friendship

Yeah Fiddlin' Pete plays music on the fiddle
We all love him in a major way, not just a little
May his new retirement plan let him stay a renaissance man
And let us keep Fiddlin' Pete
We wanna keep
Fiddlin' Pete
Keep tappin' our feet, to
Fiddlin' Pete